Marie Storm offers health coaching services where she approaches fitness, stress, & nutrition in a holistic manner.  Accountability is also a major factor as she meets with her clients every other week.  She uses her experience as a RN, fitness instructor, & health coaching to improve patient’s lifestyle.

Dr. Kevin Storm graduated with his Master’s in Nutrition in 2013 and enjoys the functional medicine approach.  He looks at blood work in depth to see how the organs are performing in the digestion process.  We carry a select few supplement lines to assist in this healing process if necessary.

Together they work as a great team to offer what the client needs to overcome any obstacles.  If a person is struggling with some of the basics of diet, exercise, & stress then Marie would be a great fit.  If the patient already has a good foundation in these areas and still having health issues then Dr. Storm would need to be consulted.  Please call the office with any further questions.  We look forward to serving you!

Marie Storm